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Why EkoWool

Ecologically clean materials Ekowool™ Mat successfully replace cancer-causing materials based on asbestos, ceramic and basaltic fibers. They can also be used instead of such wide known materials as Ď┼RMOSTEC, ┼UROISOL, MINERAL WOOL PLATES AND FLOORMAT, PENOPLEX, PAROC, ISOROC, ISOVER, ROCKWOOL, URSA.


One of the most important tasks of modern technology is the creation of a new class of ecologically safe heat-shielding and heat-insulating materials. The asbestos-based materials widely known and used in the industry are already banned in the USA and Europe because of their carcinogenic properties. Recently the materials based on ceramic fibers were also recognized as carcinogenic. In the developed countries the utilization volume of the ceramic fibers was greatly reduced and various legislations are pending to ban these materials completely.

The above reasons encouraged the intensive development of new ecologically safe multifunctional (heat -, electro-, sound- protective) materials based on the silica fibers, containing 98 -99% SiO2. In the past 3 years the production of silica fibrous materials, which were used earlier for military and space programs ("Shuttle" USA, "Buran" Russia), has increased 5 - 7 times.

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