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Ekowool is made of amorphous silica fibers

Ekowool is made of amorphous silica fibers and it’s very different than Chinese made Silica wick. One of the huge benefits of Ekowool is that it’s braided, leaving a hollow tube through the center.

   You can buy braided silica wick but it’s not the same thing. The hollow center of allows you to stick paper clip down the center to stabilize it while you wrap your coil (great for beginner). It also sucks up e-liquid better for faster wicking.

You can even purchase Ekowool that is made with cotton in the center, some people just thread cotton yarn through regular Ekowool for the same effect.

One downside to Ekowool is the price, it’s more expensive than the other wicking materials because it’s of good certified quality. Really Ekowool provides for better wicking, flavor, and ease of use when compared to silica wick from Chine.
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