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New EKOWOOL silica cords and prices

Many our customers ask us to produce silica cord with cotton inside. We took organic cotton yarn from the best russian producer and produced first lot of our new product EKOWOOL SCN(C) - silica cord infused cotton.

Now after our careful testing we introduce new line of our product for e-cig:

  • SCN(C)-1 - silica cord with cotton inside 1 mm,
  • SCN(C)-1,5 - silica cord with cotton inside 1,5 mm,
  • SCN(C)-2 - silica cord with cotton inside 2 mm,
  • SCN(C)-2,5 - silica cord with cotton inside 2,5 mm,
  • SCN(C)-3 - silica cord with cotton inside 3 mm
  • SCN(C)-4 - silica cord with cotton inside 4 mm.

If you need some samples please ask. We give our samples "Try and Buy" for free.

You can get free samples with your order regular silica cord. Also we can give you our free samples without any order in our office in Moscow or in Warsaw.

More details about our silica cords on the link below:

Prices and conditions for silica cords.

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