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EKOWOOL silica wick

Genuine EKOWOOL silica wickJust wondering what each of EKOWOOL silica wick do you prefer?

Some people say, “Just depends on what you’re in the mood to use”.

EKOWOOL Silica wick (from forums):

  • I prefer silica - it however seems to perform a bit better (flavour, warmer vape) than cotton
  • Works like a charm! No dry hits, even when chainvaping.
  • hollow Ekowool silica is perfect for rebuildable electronic cigarette atomizers, it provides the best balance of flavor, vapor production, ease-of-use, and longevity.
  • Ekowool is high quality Amorphous silica wicking material, it is available in 2mm hollow, 3mm hollow, and 3mm solid core
  • 2mm hollow is great for rebuilding clearo coils, drippers, etc.
  • 3mm hollow is great for sleaving SS mesh/Cable, using as a big bulky wick in drippers or as a standalone wick in various other RBAs.
  • 3mm Solid Core has silica strands running through the center and holds a LOT of juice. Great for drippers or as a standing wick in RTAs (Tank style RBAs).
  • silica=silicosis? Amorphous EKOWOOL silica does not! there's two types of silica in regards to causing silicosis. Crystalline silica is the material that causes this disease. Someone mentioned the health effects of "glass silica" entering the lungs. If these wicks are indeed made from glass, they are by nature *not* crystalline silica. Glass is an amorphous material.Silicosis takes many, many (10 - 30) years to develop.

Cotton is better for you?..

see our new EKOWOOL silica wick with cotton threads inside: http://www.ekowool.com/assortment5_1


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