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Be careful: fake EKOWOOL silica!

fake EKOWOOL silica cordDear colleges and friends, inform that EKOWOOL as a sole manufacturer of original EKOWOOL cords (wicks) from EUROPE (Poland and Russian Federation) on http://www.alibaba.com/trade/search?IndexArea=product_en&SearchText=ekowool_silica_wick&atm=&f0=y&country=RUit
WARNING: all Chinese companies on www.alibaba.com (manufacturers or trading companies) don't have our permission to use name EKOWOOL on their advertisement, products, website, etc. And we are not responsible for the quality of their products. Note, that all of Chinese silica cords have serious difference on technical characteristics and ecological aspects. Also no one of them is not our seller or distributor. We do not sale to China.

Each of them was informed about not legal activity, we received from them confirmation that they will refuse of using our trademark, but without any changes at this moment. Also we didn't receive yet official respond from authorities of www.alibaba.com
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