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Chopped Silica Threads

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High silica chopped fiber, yarn. strand, threadChopped high silica fiber (strands, threads, yarn) are used as stuff with inorganic, heat-convertible, thermo-softening binding for creating thin heat-resistant sheets, papers and veils with working temperature under 1100. Also it used for creating heat-resistant high-test composite, sputter heat-resistant coverings. Our chopped silica fiber contains SiO2≥98 and the heat shrinkage rate is ≤1%.

1 kg package of treated virgin fiber s-glass for use in casting and molding without fabric or for reinforcing unsupported resin. Can be mixed with polyester or epoxy. Ideal for making putty when blended with microspheres powder; can be sanded, ground or drilled after setting.

Technical characteristics of high silica fiber

  • Length: 61 mm; 121 mm.
  • Diameter of elementary fiber: 61 mcm.
  • Purity: SiO2 ≥98%;
  • Na2O ≤0.8%.



  • 10 or 20 kg in each bag,
  • Carton Big Bag: 450-800 kg (20 kg bags inside).
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